AWS Marketplace

Embedding models, a crucial building block for retrieval systems, semantic search, and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), are neural networks that convert documents into numerical vectors. Voyage AI offers cutting-edge embedding models that excel at semantic retrieval across domains, including code, legal, finance, and healthcare. Voyage embedding models are available on AWS Marketplace. The following is the instruction for accessing Voyage embeddings on AWS.

Subscribe to the model package

  1. Navigate to the model package listing page and select the model to deploy, e.g., rerank-lite-1, voyage-law-2 or voyage-code-2.

  2. Click on the Continue to subscribe button.

  3. On the Subscribe to this software page, please carefully review the details. If you and your organization agree with the standard End-User License Agreement (EULA), pricing, and support terms, click on "Accept Offer".

  4. After selecting Continue to configuration and choosing a region, you will be presented with a Product Arn. This is the model package ARN required for creating a deployable model using Boto3. Copy the ARN that corresponds to your selected region and use it in the subsequent cell.

Deploy the model package

From now on, we recommend you to continue with our provided notebook in Sagemaker Studio. Please create a JupyterLab space, upload our notebook, and continue from there.

If you need assistance subscribing and deploying a Voyage model package from the AWS Marketplace, please send an email to [email protected].